Technique and Training

Technique and Training

6 Episodes

Train and develop your Tango technique with this collection, specially design to organise when we want to train position, stamina, combinations alone or in couple.

Technique and Training
  • Ladies Style Clip

    Episode 1

    Train the ocho and giro with boleos and embellishments. Balance and control on your movements follow the choreography and boost your dance.

  • Technique and Training

    Episode 2

  • Clip 2 Paso y cruce

    Episode 3

    Step and Cross two important things that any Tango dancer should know well. Join the Tango Training and Technique world with Geraldina Rojas.
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  • Clip 1 El Paso

    Episode 4

  • Episodio III

    Episode 5

    Basics and more complex going with ochos and sync with the arms.

  • Episodio IV

    Episode 6

    Man Technique, moving the legs in combinations. Mind your standing leg while move the other one.