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Dance Tango episodes

Unlimited streaming in a unique collection to learn and continuously improve your Tango dancing.

The dance choreography told by Ezequiel and Geraldina, Learn with a new perspective

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  • Ladies Style by Geraldina

    1 video

    Enter in Geraldina's world

  • Ladies Style by Geraldina

    1 video

    Come into the Geraldina Rojas's world and her tips for better dancing.

  • Episodio XIV
    1 video

    Episodio XIV

    1 video

    Giro to the left with some variations like bicicleta, Barridas and boleos, Also you will find some Ganchos to enjoy. Salida Cruzada and Left Turn are the main topics. Parallel Boleos and Giro to the right.

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