Tango Argentino Dance instruction

Tango Argentino Dance instruction

18 Episodes

Tango instructional videos for all levels and ages for singles and couples. Discover the tango choreography and how to improvise it on the dance floor. There are over an hour of dance videos ready to be watched and revived, pause and analyze movements.
Since July we have incorporated the live sessions (online) to do the coaching with all the subscribers. Every week 5 classes in two different time zones so that all subscribers can benefit from this exclusive online training.

Tango Argentino Dance instruction
  • Episodio I

    Episode 1

    Developing basics things with Ochos front and back with Ganchos. Mind the flexibility of your embrace and the different shape you need between your arms to achieve the position.

  • Episodio II

    Episode 2

    Sides of the Embrace to go into the turn combining the legs to open a new Giro on the way.

  • Episodio III

    Episode 3

    Basics and more complex going with ochos and sync with the arms.

  • Episodio IV

    Episode 4

    Man Technique, moving the legs in combinations. Mind your standing leg while move the other one.

  • Epidosio V

    Episode 5

    A hot combination with Ocho, Boleo, Americana, Barrida, Gancho, sacada and final position to develop " The bridge ". Sandwich with change leg. Medialuna, half turn with variations.

  • Episodio VI

    Episode 6

    In the following, we study the open step and the right of the and in the walk

  • Episodio VII

    Episode 7

    Turning with shifting leg and both legs. Combinations. Keep turning with "extending turns"

  • Episodio VIII

    Episode 8

    Let's combine classic steps we learn in the same sequence adding some new knowledge like back sacada for the man. Also, apply some boleos for the man turns longer than usual

  • Episodio IX

    Episode 9

    Ocho cortado and come in front ocho to apply The Bridge. Better embrace and better using of the hip to short pivots.

  • Episodio X
    Episode 10

    Episodio X

    Episode 10

    Turning with Boleos for the Lady, variation from Ocho cortado and salida cruzada. Barridas. Explore the changing of embrace in the same sequence.

  • epidosio XI

    Episode 11

    Practice with and without embrace create the Giro turning and match later. We develop individual positions to make match later with an optimal results.
    Ocho combinations, dancers combination. Sacadas basis

  • Episodio XII

    Episode 12

    Combine legs from the lady with the movements of the man. Double Sandwich, Giro Combination with sacadas and combination. Salida Cruzada options

  • Episodio XIII

    Episode 13

    Follow the choreography, mind the position of your bodies. 4 sides has my body and all of them face my direction. Take a look. Americana plus. Sacadas with displacement

  • Episodio XIV

    Episode 14

    Giro to the left with some variations like bicicleta, Barridas and boleos, Also you will find some Ganchos to enjoy. Salida Cruzada and Left Turn are the main topics. Parallel Boleos and Giro to the right.

  • Episodio XV
    Episode 15

    Episodio XV

    Episode 15

  • Episodio XVI

    Episode 16

    Milonga Tips From the basis in base for Milonga to the combinations with ochos, cunitas (rebond) and walks with turns. add Boleos.

  • Episodio XVII

    Episode 17

    Dance in a square. Read 180 degrees for the repetition of the steps with 2 different faces.
    * Man uses the right and the left also can add the cross of them.
    * Lady ochos and perform boleos with both legs.
    * Good communication of Embrace.

  • Steps A B 1
    Episode 18

    Steps A B 1

    Episode 18